5 Tips Against Cold And Freezing


While we are waiting for warmer days, the cold is dominating outside. We have the best 5 tips for you on how not to freeze anymore and actually enjoy the cold weather.

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5 Tips Against Cold And Freezing

Keep Yourself Warm And Cozy

Knitted hats, wool sweaters and more – grandmas christmas gifts can protect the body from cooling down quickly, especially in win, snow and freezing temperatures. But. A jacket should have 10 to 20 percent feathers to stabilize the down – the outer material should also be windproof and waterproof, so you don’t get cold. Sheepskin soles or shoes lined with sheepskin such as UGG boots prevent the cold from creeping through the soles of the shoes.

Cool Down: Brief Cold Impulses Make Sure You Resistant

Admittedly, it takes a bit of willpower to deliberately venture out into the cold in freezing temperatures. But if you still trudge through the snow or take a cold shower in the morning, you know the pleasantly warm feeling that flows through you when the cold stimulus wears off and your blood vessels expand again. Positive effect of the cold confrontation: it strengthens the immune system, ensures that we are less cold and can relieve pain. Our favorite frosty refreshments: walking barefoot in the snow and cold downpours. The Kneipp affusions work as follows: Start on the right leg with the shower from the toes over the back of the foot to the heel. Then run the jet of cold water up the outer back of the leg to the buttocks and back down the inside. Then repeat the whole thing on the right leg.

Eat Yourself Warm

Stay away from cooling foods. Even if tropical fruits taste delicious: Traditional Chinese medicine ascribes cooling energy to them. If you get cold quickly, you should therefore change your diet in winter to avoid the frost trap: avoid pineapple, bananas, kiwi and tangerines as well as yoghurt, quark, leaf salads, raw vegetables and white wine. Instead, opt for warming foods like lamb, fennel, nuts and seeds, turkey, goat cheese, and red wine. If you don’t want to do without hot and cold loved ones, you can neutralize the cooling food with warming spices. For example, cinnamon in yoghurt or chili on fruit.


Already in the morning, you can stimulate blood circulation by simply lolling, stretching. With the sun salutation from yoga, you mobilize muscles and joints at the same time. You shouldn’t do without sports in the fresh air in winter either. Walking, jogging together or swimming in the heated outdoor pool – sporting activities in the fresh air provide a lot of new energy even in winter. Once you’ve pulled yourself together, you quickly get warm – and the experience of nature ensures relaxation and a good mood. If you don’t want to go out to do sports, you can move outside more in everyday life. For example, get off two stops early and walk the rest of the way. If you have to wait at the bus or train stop and feel cold, simply rocking or rolling your feet up and down can help.


Laughing is not only good for the soul, it can also really make you sweat. Besides from that, when you laugh, you forget that you’re cold. This was shown by a study by the University of Zurich. The result: if you smile often, you can withstand cold pain almost twice as long. Laughter also strengthens the immune system and ensures deeper breathing. 20 seconds of laughter is equivalent to three minutes of fast running.

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