10 Things That Will Make You Happier


The ancient Greeks already knew: No one is responsible for your happiness except yourself. It’s often the little things that make a big difference. That’s why today we have the top 10 little things for you that will immediately make you a whole lot happier.

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10 Things That Will Make You Happier


Smile as often and as much as you can! With every smile, our brain diligently sends painkilling, anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving happiness hormones through our body. Incidentally, it doesn’t matter whether we smile for no reason or with joy.

Time For Friends And Family

Surround yourself with people you like and who are good for you. Above all, it is the interpersonal relationships that influence our satisfaction, our self-esteem and, last but not least, our happiness.

Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Anyone who moves out of their comfort zone from time to time, dares something new and remains curious is happier in the long run. You broaden your horizons and you can always be amazed.

Helping Makes You Happy

Help others, get involved in your neighborhood or environment, be there for others. We humans are social beings and anything that strengthens our interpersonal relationships automatically makes us happier.

Get active And Do Something Nice!

Treat yourself! Something that brings you joy, fun, or enjoyment. Make sure that you spend your money less on material things than on experiences and consciously look at beautiful things.

Get Some Air

Vitamin D and sunshine ensure a good mood and feelings of happiness in no time at all! A short walk during the lunch break, sports in the open air, an ice cream in the sun – take every opportunity to be in the fresh air.

Make Decisions

Those who have the choice are often spoiled for choice: we lose ourselves in countless possibilities, make poor decisions and feel stressed. So make your decisions by asking yourself: What makes me happy? What not?

Do Something Good For You And Your Body

Fresh fruits and vegetables keep you fit and healthy. Sufficient water and adequate exercise support vital bodily functions. This strengthens the mind and body alike.

Set Yourself Small And Achievable Goals

This is especially helpful when problems or challenges appear insoluble or unfeasible. Break them down into smaller, manageable portions. In this way you can master even big tasks step by step and in the end look back proudly on your successes.


Whether its small talk with a stranger or an in-depth conversation with a close friend, when you’re with people, you feel happier, stronger, and less alone. Those who share their positive experiences and moments of happiness with others also double their own happiness. By the way: a good mood is contagious! Happiness, good mood and other emotions are proven to spread from person to person. With a positive attitude, you not only make yourself happy but also others. So, what are you waiting for?

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