Pack Your Suitcase: Pack Pofessionals ALWAYS Stick To These 5 Tricks


The summer dress is totally crumpled, the shampoo has leaked and your favorite shoes are dented – if you pack your suitcase carelessly and without a system, don’t be surprised if you experience a nasty surprise. Before you start packing your suitcase for the holiday, all the clothing and things that are on the checklist should be laid out clearly – for example on the bed. And here we go: How to pack your suitcase correctly and well? These are the best tips and tricks from professionals

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Pack Your Suitcase: Pack Professionals ALWAYS Stick To These 5 Tricks

Pack Your Suitcase In The Right Order

Heavy objects such as books or shoes always go at the bottom of the suitcase, light clothes or blouses at the top. Anyone who takes this packing technique to heart not only prevents crumpled outfits, but also saves space.

Roll Clothes Instead Of Folding Them

Delicate fabrics such as silk or linen in particular quickly crease in the suitcase. But packing without wrinkles is possible: If you roll up your tops, trousers, etc. tightly instead of folding them, you prevent them from creasing. A nice side effect of rolling: The technology also saves space in your luggage for the holiday. Vacuum bags or special panniers for clothing are a great help for insensitive fabrics such as wool, because they reduce the volume.

Pad shoes With Socks

Do you store pairs of shoes in plastic bags? Not a good idea, because firstly shoes are quite bulky as a pair and secondly they dent more easily. There is a different way of packing optimally: We recommend always placing sneakers & co. individually in the suitcase. Then you should fold your socks together and use them or other small items to pad your shoes – not only does this make optimal use of the space in your luggage, but the shoes also keep their shape. Extra tip: Disposable shower caps (available in almost every hotel) are the perfect alternative to plastic bags as a hygienic cover for the soles of your shoes.

Store Cosmetics Safely And Well

Spilled shower gel or perfume in your luggage is as annoying as it is unnecessary. But what reliably protects against this typical suitcase mishap? You are guaranteed to have the solution to the problem at home: cling film! Simply unscrew the cap from the shampoo or bottle, place some foil tightly over the opening and screw the cap back on. The foil is now guaranteed to keep the liquid where it belongs!

Don’t Go To The Limit

Never pack your suitcase full, especially when you go on vacation. Anyone who scratches the permitted maximum weight on the outward journey and has problems closing it is guaranteed to pay excess baggage on the return journey, because one or the other souvenir always ends up in the suitcase. The alternative: Take a foldable, space-saving and light travel bag with you: You can fill it with holiday souvenirs if necessary and use it as hand luggage on the return journey.

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